Wine and Beer Making

Before I enter motherhood, I was a student who loves to drink liquors with my friends almost every night. Mom never complained about it maybe because she’s tired of nagging me. I only tasted no more than 15 bottles of beer since Elijah stopped from breastfeeding. I don’t wanna be the person who has no sense of responsibility, I do not want to drink beer if there is no occasion at all. If ever I’ll be given a chance, I wanna try wine and beer making. Why? Because I will make undesirable liquor flavors to stop all the drunkards from drinking too much. Home Brew It has all the supplies that I need so I only have to worry about where can I get the money to buy those beer making supplies.

Plants vs zombies and angry birds plushies

Mama surprised us with these beautiful plushies last Tuesday. Oh! I love them all. :) My cousin Svetlana and I were playing until afternoon. We can’t help but to scream and laugh. We really love them!

Thanks mama and Bulinggit Corner for the surprise!


Just recently, my tita Kaye won a 1,000 worth of gift certificate from Mcdonald’s and she promised to give it to me. We received it today and expecting mom to treat me tomorrow there. Together with the gift certificate is a plastic of peaches. At first, I don’t know how to eat it so they scold me for playing with it. Mom told us not to eat them all but it’s so delicious I can’t stop myself from munching. I ate all the peaches and leave nothing for mom. I know she’ll understand me. I swear.

The Peaches I am talking about is not a fruit.
It’s Fedhz Polvoron! Yey! I got you. I don’t know why I called it peaches too.

Going home

Yesterday was Grandma’s birthday and I ate my favorite food of all time – pansit. We are going to Malabon Zoo today but they cancelled it for unknown reason. We are going back to Baguio tomorrow because they are missing a lot of work.

Holidays with our relatives makes me happy. I can do things that I can’t normally do in our home like walking with no slippers on, playing with anything anytime I want. I will surely miss all the things I did during this holiday and I am looking forward to a much happier holiday next year. I hope to see grandma’s siblings this year. I thank my tita’s and tito’s for taking care of me. And for all the new people I meet here in Bulacan, we will see each other again soon.

Ugly or Handsome?

They say that I look so ugly in this picture but how come I look so ugly when my smile is very wide? You really think I am ugly eh? I find myself handsome in any angle. I guess lots of girls will go gaga over this cute handsome guy. Am I right? Let me know what you think about this picture of mine.:)

Make Your Own Cajon

I love to play drums, they even bought a small drum set for me but of course the sound is very different from a real drum set. I saw a beat box in a local mall here in our place and it’s pretty expensive. My dad told me that we can make our own and it will be the best cajon ever made. I guess I am allowed to put design stickers like Angry Birds which are my favorite. With just plywood, wood glue and clamps, I know we can make it in no time not to mention that it’s cheaper and customized.

Zombie Costume Idea For Kids

I joined the Zombie Walk in Baguio City last October 27, 2012. It was fun since I got to see other zombies too. Last December 31, I joined our family’s cosplay contest and I was a pole vaulting zombie. Our neighbors were looking at me, not sure if they are scared or having fun with what they see. Dad wanted me to portray Tarzan but Mama Ayie didn’t know where to get a costume, since I already have my zombie costume, it’s what I used. I didn’t win anything but I had fun.

For my costume, I used my white long sleeve polo and put some color red nail polish to make it look like a blood. Food color and red liptick will do.

Bike Transformation

I got this bike as a birthday present from my Mama Ayie. She can’t barely remember the price but we bought it a week before my birthday in Tiongsan Mabini. I share it with my cousins Svet and Hendrix. For how many months, we left it outside so it became rusty and dirty. It is just this month that my Daddy Lloyd decided to fix it so I can use it again because I am already big enough to enjoy it.
Tita Kaye bought Ate Svet a new bike. Instead of buying me a bike, dad decided to fix my old bike so Ate Svet and I can play bike together. I also have a Lightning Mcqueen scooter from Lola Jobee and a twist car from my Godparents. I am not that good in paddling my bike so I still need help from Mama or Daddy. I love my multipurpose bike!

Kids and Technology

I always question if the present technology really makes kids smarter nowadays. Its pretty amazing that some of the kids I encountered knows how to use modern computers & gadgets. They can even do facebook. Technology is an overwhelming revolution & it really makes our life easier. But I always think that everything should be taken into moderation especially for our kids. Too much learning can lead to a kid to act forward his age. I personally think its not good for their development. For an instance, internet is a free environment where kids can see different things about violence & porn without discretion. Some violent modern computer games also includes acts of killing. That may affect how they think of things & its not good.

I always wanted the kid to feel like a kid himself who enjoys playing, believing on fairy tales & get acquainted with fellow kids. Giving them the chance to enjoy the simple kid life does not make them lesser a person. We should not rush for them to open their eyes to reality. We should do their learning slowly but surely. Guiding them what the modern technology has to offer & teaching them a good moral value takes time & effort but surely your kid will be on the right path.

Musically Inclined Kids

Me and my cousins are musically inclined kids. We do love music and musical instruments. I love to try new musical instruments like guitar, piano (not like roland vk8) , drums and ukelele. I try to sing along with every music I hear. Well, I love OPM songs, my mom is always watching telenovela and I always hear their theme song. It’s always playing in my mind and eventually memorize the lyrics.

Violin is pretty expensive but it would be great if I will learn to play it as early as now because who knows I might be a great piano artist when I grow up.

My mom is planning to enroll me this summer in a music workshop although she is still unsure if they will accept me or not because I am only 3 years old if they don’t then swimming lesson is our plan B.